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Gil Tena, Asunción
973 48 1752 (288)

Forests Engineer. Universitat de Lleida (2001-2005)

Technical Agricultural Engineer. Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (1998-2001)

I am an associated post-doctoral researcher at CTFC. From 2014 to 2017, I have been working at CTFC granted by the Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellowship (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness). My current research is devoted to model Mediterranean forest landscape composition through the MEDFIRE landscape dynamics model. I also evaluate the response of biodiversity to landscape connectivity of agroforestry systems through the application of network graph theory.

During my PhD research at the University of Lleida (Spain) supervised by Santiago Saura (ETSI Montes, UPM) and Lluís Brotons (CTFC) and funded by the CUR of the DIUE (Catalan Government) and the European Social Fund, I determined the quantitative responses of forest birds to the environmental factors and dynamics of the forest ecosystems in Catalonia, with the aim of providing forest management guidelines for mitigating global change impacts. I made a two-year postdoctoral stay (September 2010 - November 2012) at the PaysaClim - Paysages - Changements Climatiques - Laboratory (UMR ECOBIO, France), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Ameztegui, A., Gil-Tena, A., Faus, J., Piqué, M., Brotons, L., Camprodon, J. 2018. Bird community response to shelterwood regeneration system in mountain pine forests of the Pyrenees. Forest Ecology and Management, 407: 95-105.

Gil-Tena, A., Aquilué, N., Duane, A., De Cáceres, M., Brotons, L. 2016. Mediterranean fire regime effects on pine-oak forest landscape mosaics under global change in NE Spain. European Journal of Forest Research, 135(2): 403-416.

Gil-Tena, A., De Cáceres M., Ernoult, A., Butet, A., Brotons, L., Burel, F. 2015. Agricultural landscape composition as a driver of farmland bird diversity in Brittany (NW France). Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 205: 79–89.

Gil-Tena, A., Nabucet, J., Mony, C., Abadie, J., Saura, S., Butet, A., Burel, F., Ernoult, A. 2014. Woodland bird response to landscape connectivity in an agriculture-dominated landscape: a functional community approach. Community Ecology, 15(2): 256-268.

Gil-Tena, A., Lecerf, R., Ernoult, A. 2013. Disentangling community assemblages to depict an indicator of biological connectivity: a regional study of fragmented semi-natural grasslands. Ecological Indicators, 24: 48-55.

Gil-Tena, A., Brotons, L., Fortin, MJ, Burel, F., Saura, S. 2013. Assessing the role of landscape connectivity in recent woodpecker range expansion in Mediterranean Europe: forest management implications. European Journal of Forest Research , 132: 181-194. 

Gil-Tena, A., Brotons, L., Saura, S. 2010. Effects of forest landscape change and management on the range expansion of forest bird species in the Mediterranean region. Forest Ecology and Management , 259: 1338-1346.

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Gil-Tena, A., Saura, S., Brotons, L. 2007. Effects of forest composition and structure on bird species richness in a Mediterranean context: implications for forest ecosystem management. Forest Ecology and Management , 242: 470-476.

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