CTFC’s vision is to become a centre of reference in the Mediterranean and Southern European context, from Catalonia, by establishing a hub of excellence in research and transfer of technology toward society.
CTFC’s mission is to make science relevant for sustainable forest management, biodiversity and circular bioeconomy.
Strategic goals:
/     Contribute to the modernisation and competitiveness of the forest sector
/     Drive rural development
/     Unfurl the European circular bioeconomy
/     Promote models for the sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity
/     Develop applied science in natural environment, ecosystem health and human health/welfare relations
/     Integrate the recovery of natural resources into the socioeconomic models
The Mediterranean.
The world in miniature.
The beginning of civilisation.
The genesis of culture and trade.
The origin of everything.

But somewhere, somehow, it all went wrong.
Prosperity was confused with money,
wealth became more important than health
and limits were mistaken for ambitions.

It is time to bring out the best of us,
to remember our roots.
To reconnect nature and people.
To protect biodiversity as well as the economy.
To link our forests to our well-being.

We research tools and technologies to be more efficient,
and innovate with renewable materials to be more responsible.
We are developing forest science to accelerate the transformations
that will slow down change.

We have resolved to lead a sustainable and bio-based Europe,
from Catalonia.

Our purpose is to change the future, today.