The vision of the CTFC is to be recognized as a centre of reference at local, national, and international levels in the fields of forest, rural development, and the sustainable management of the environment.

2019 - 2025 Strategy


CTFC adopts the general research strategy proposed by European Forest Institute and uses its general framework to develop its specificity, mainly in the context of Mediterranean forests with a special focus on Catalonia and Southern Europe.

The implementation of the CTFC strategy is based on three interdisciplinary programs. Bioeconomy (sustainability futures) and Governance themes (policies options and implementation) are integrated under the single research program Bioeconomy and Governance (BIOGOV), while the long history of CTFC activities in the frame of Resilience assessments (forest processes and disturbances) is organized in the Landscape dynamics and Biodiversity (LANBIO) and the Multifunctional Forest Management (FORMAN) programs. Knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) will also be an instrument to reach these objectives.

To implement its new Strategy, two independent plans (Research and KTT) will be developed by the CTFC.